What do we need to get the Best Price for your business!

Address, Contacts, ABN, Trading Entity.

Street Address Details.

Trading Hours / Days

Description of Business. Rooms, Size, Construction etc?

Rent, Lease Term,  Copy of Lease (If Applicable) ( Outgoings Copy of Council Rates Notice etc

Licences. (Council, Liquor, Food, Fuel Storage, Waste, Security, RTO, Business Name.)

Three Years Tax Returns ( We prepare your Profit and Loss to show Owner's Benefit)

Monthly Financials for three years, if possible.

BAS Statements

Customer Details - ( % of Sales if Significant / Number. (Not names)  $ on Account)

Supplier Details (Supply Agreements if Significant)

Interim Financials - Part of current Year)

Detailed List of Plant & Equipment i.e. Brand Name & Model  Computers Software etc)

Rental Agreements - Plant & Equipment - If Buyer must take over. Copy  of Agreements.

Staff Details- approx hours, casual wages etc Are there any Key Employees in the Business

Proprietors Input, Duties and hours worked - Separate the Owner's Wages and Hours worked.

A Written Signed Authority for us to sell your business (PAMD21A form) (Qld Gov / REIQ Form)

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