Planning for the Sale

Sellers who wish to sell are required to sign an Authority / Appointment to Act as Business Broker.

This is a legal requirement for a Broker to act on your behalf. Qld Government Penalty  exists.

The PAMD21a is a Qld Gov / REIQ approved. Please refer to attached form: PAMD Form 21a

Selling a business can be a very emotional process.

Have you decided to sell?

Know why have you decided to sell?

Have all the Stake holders agreed to sell?

What will life be after selling the business?

How will I make a living after I sell?

View your business in the eyes of the buyer

View your business in the eyes of the Buyer's Banker

View your business in the eyes of the Buyers Accountant.

When giving information to a buyer, make sure it is factual

Correct, timely information to the Buyer will effect a sale quickly.

Do not hide any information.

A negative aspect of your business just might be a positive reason for a Buyer to want your business?

Do a Burke's Backyard, Paint, clean present it at its best.

Your Broker will prepare and present your financials show the Owner's $$$ Benefit.

Remember - Astute buyers will undertake some form of due diligence.

It is also important that the business be at the Best Market Price from the start.

Overpricing a business, this theory often “backfires” because buyers mostly refuse to even

enquire about an overpriced business.

Listing your business for sale is easy,

however, marketing it correctly and finding The Best Market Price needs an experienced Business Broker

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