Not Yet Sold...........


Is the LISTED PRICE is above the market reaction price?


Is the price too low?


What is the buyers reaction? ....


The Buyers are out there...Have they enquired?


Have you listed at the Best Market Price?


How is your price compare similar business?


Did you know a business listed for sale has not yet sold?


How did you determine the price?

When a business does not sell..


1.      Has the Business been Target Marketed?

2.      Is there any marketing? Where? What?

3.       Are the earnings volatile or in or downward trend?

4.       Is the lease / tenure secure? Are the business conditions favourable?

5.       Is the business is reliant on the special skill, qualification or reputation of the seller?

6        Is there an active market for the business?

7.       Will the price have to be discounted to attract a buyer?  

8.       Does the Price includes "Blue Sky"?

9.       What are the risk factors for the Business?

10.       Are any Profits only recent?... or an abnormal increase?

11.      Is the Profit averaged over three years?

12.     Are start up costs similar to your sale price?

13.     Is Profit based on more than one person working over 40 hours?

          (Some exceptions Post Office, Newsagent, etc)


14.     Have you been open and honest when providing information?




Look at your business as if you were the buyer...


What would your answer be?


These are a few of the factors.... there are lots more........