Best Market Price.


Market Price is required for a number of reason apart for the sale of a business


Partnership Sales, Staff Sales, Property Settlement or the Bank may have an interest.


We tell it like it is...


An Independent Market Price


To Achieve the best market price and achieve a sale please read below...


A Market Price can be too low just as it can be too high.


The Best Market Price is the amount of money a Buyer will pay, to-day, to buy a business.


Market Price is determined by the following:


1. The Number of Businesses for Sale


2. Demand for the Type of business for Sale


  Demand is determined by:


1. The Qualification of the Business Operator and or Buyer


2. The Amount of money required to operate the Business


3. The Historical Risk associated with the Business Type.


4. The Number of Hours worked by the Owner.


5. The Amount of Wages paid to the Owner.


6. The Profit of the Business.


7. The Trading History of the Business.


8. The Future Prospects of the Business


9. The Amount of Rent Paid by the Business.


10. The Security of the Business Premise. (Years of Lease.)


11. The Condition of Plant & Equipment


12. The Owner's Life Style


13. The Security of future profits


14. Potential Future Sales .. difficult to sell without  it.


15. The Business's Financial - Buyer's ability to Borrow Money -


16. The Number of Similar Businesses in the Market Place


Can your business the required borrowings and give the buyer a wage and return on money invested?


17. The Current Economic climate.


18. The Future Potential Prospects of your business.


19. Will your business require further Capital Investment to maintain the profit level?




and lots more


Is there an underlying value in your business that you think is difficult to quantify?


Your Broker will give you Recent Market Information on the sale of


Similar businesses, It is advisable to listen to some good advise and do some research you self.


It is the Market Place that determines the Best Market Price of your Business.


A Genuine Qualified Broker will not give a Market Appraisal Price without doing a thorough analysis


on your business.


Remember, the Buyer has to pay him/her self a wage, pay off a loan and / or receive a return on the money


invested in the business - this above all determines the selling price.



If the Business and Price sounds reasonable ...the Buyers will enquire

We prepare and present your business to the Seller to obtain the best price.....


Get your specialist business broker to navigate you through to the Best Market Price


Remember the Total Market Price includes all money required to operate your business.

This is a total of Stock$$ at Valuation, Cash, Bonds  $$$, Plant & Equipment, Goodwill,

Customer Accounts, and / or Work in progress, and / or Land and / or Buildings Premises.



Do You Want The Best Market Price?


Market Price Appraisal  - from $,1000 plus GST to $3,000 plus GST

Get an Independent Market Price.

Should you wish to sell your business this broker,

the Cost of the Appraisal will be refunded when sold by this broker.

Do You Want the Right Market Price! 

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