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Make sure:

1. You have Proof of Identity

2. Persons to sign have capacity to sign

3. All Persons are aware of the consequences of the signing of the document

4. That you are entitled to sign the document.

5. All Signatures must be signed in presence of the JP witnessing

6. Any other document/s that may be necessary.


For True Copy

The entire document must be copied - it is my preference that I be present when the copy is carried out,

however this is not necessary for any document -

The Source Document must be available for viewing


For Land Registery Forms ( MOST IMPORTANT )

Generally, a person selling or mortgaging a property is the registered proprietor. To prove they are the registered

proprietor and therefore entitled to sign, parties should be able to provide at least one of the following:

• local government rates notice showing ownership of the property

• recently issued current title search statement showing their name

• recently issued registration confirmation statement

• current certificate of title (if one exists).

copy of the contract of sale

All items on the form should be completed prior to it being witnessed. If there have been any alterations

made to information on the form, these should be initialled by all the parties involved.

Each of the above forms of ‘evidence’ contains details about the property (such as lot on plan description or title

 reference), which should be compared to the information provided on the form the JP has been asked to witness.

If the details do not match, the JP should decline to witness the signature.

While ownership has to be proven, a new purchaser presenting a Transfer and/or Mortgage document for witnessing may not be able to provide the above evidence as they are not yet recorded in the land register.

In such cases, they may be able to provide a copy of the contract of sale as evidence of their entitlement to sign the land registry form/s.

JP Recordkeeping

The Registrar of Titles has extensive powers of formal inquiry and may require a JP to produce records relating to land registry forms they have witnessed.

JPs should therefore record the details of any relevant information (such as:


title reference, property description, names of parties and type of transaction) and the documentation that was supplied as proof of identity and evidence of the signatory’s entitlement to sign.


It is also important to record information on any occasions when a JP has declined to witness a land registry form. If the circumstances warrant it, they may then wish to consider advising the Registrar of Titles of these details

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